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Hello and Welcome!

      I'm Alexis! I am your classic 20-something-year-old striving to love God, my family, and those I encounter to the best of my ability. This blog is a documentation of my victories and shortcomings on this journey. I want to show you the most authentic self and hope along the way we can inspire and encourage each other on this path of sainthood.

      I created this little space on the internet to share thoughts and create a community of people running to Heaven. I felt this call in prayer and one day finally said YES!


    If you are over being mediocre and instead want to live up to your God-given potential, then you are in the right place!     

      I was born and raised right outside of Des Moines, Iowa. I have an amazing family that encourages me to pursue my passions in life and enjoy the journey along the way. I am Roman Catholic and love the beauty of the faith. I have a desire to go to Heaven and want to take everyone I encounter there with me. I know the journey to Heaven is hard, but it is even harder if you don't have a community to encourage and challenge you along the way. I love writing about my passions and sharing that along the way.

      When I am not creating content, you'll probably find me running around. I am a Division III NCAA cross country and track runner (5k all the way baby!) I am currently studying PR & media studies at Loras College to help small businesses utilize digital media. I'm currently engaged and very excited to step into my (big V!!) Vocation!

      I enjoy a nice cup of coffee (hot or iced), some classic Harry Potter (movies or books), Kansas City Chiefs football (not a bandwagon), being in adoration by myself (YES!), and having a very detailed to-do list. I think if you've made it this far we should be friends, right? Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@thealexisjean) or join my email list! Let's figure life out together, shallwe

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