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The Call I was Ignoring

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and ignored it? We have all been there and done that! If it is important enough they will leave a voicemail, right? That is exactly what happened in my life. God was calling me, but I didn’t recognize the number other than the area code.

He was familiar but He wasn’t a saved contact I would know by heart. Well, it turns out, He did leave a voicemail and continued to call, but I ignored it. I didn’t check my voicemail for a few years and everything built up.

Until one day I had enough with the same number calling me over and over. I was actually going to pick up and listen to what They had to say. And let me tell you, it was the most eye-opening phone call that you’re going to want to listen to.

What was Going on Before the First Call?

Before I can explain accepting the call, I think some history should be told. I have grown up as a cradle Catholic (someone born and raised in the Catholic faith). My wonderful family has always encouraged me to grow a faith of my own since I was younger. I thought I had a strong faith compared to others around me and I was content with where I was. I had people I thought were my friends, a boyfriend, and most importantly I fit in. What more could a high schooler want?

The Initial Call

I received a call when I was around 15 that Jesus wanted me to be a voice for Him. Confused about what was being asked, I pushed it out of my head and did my best to “fit in” instead. It approached again when I was 17, but this time it was stronger and had more structure behind it. The call was to create a space on social media where I could share something. I liked the call. Social media was something I felt like I could do. What should I share? This was the question I couldn’t quite figure out. Not being willing to reflect on the call further, I decided I was going to create a food blog.

Picking Up the Call and Realizing I Didn’t Understand

I was filled with excitement about creating a website and social media that I became lost on what I was being asked to do. I spent years trying to pursue this call but never brought it to God to really listen to what He wanted me to do.

So I decided it was my will before His will. I kept this “food blog” filled with little pictures of food and a lot of pictures showcasing that I had no idea what I was supposed to focus my account about. I thought if I just kept posting pictures revolving around my life, the focus would naturally come.

Well let me tell you, the focus never came until I started asking questions about why I wanted to have an Instagram account linked to an unused website? At this point, I was 18, inconsistently posting, and sprinkling in my religion where I felt it was appropriate.

I was letting fear rule my life in more ways than one. Excuse after excuse, I directed my focus to anything but sharing His message. I knew what He was asking, but I wasn’t ready to listen, nor accept the call.

The Phone Rang

I wish I could explain to you the exact moment when I knew I needed to become a voice for the Lord, but it happened slowly over time. I believe Jesus did that for a reason though. I am not someone who likes change. This is especially true when the change deals with reevaluating my life and getting rid of habits I find enjoyable (included reality tv :/ ).

I sensed I couldn’t keep living the way I was. I was trying to grow my relationship with Christ, but leave Him out of my life when it wasn’t just me and Him. I became tired of feeling like I wasn’t bringing value to people’s lives that followed me. I was bringing people mediocrity that reinforced ideas of living without Christ. I was telling people to live for themselves instead. I knew what needed to change.

I needed to work on putting other’s opinions to the side and share Life Giving news. This time I didn’t throw excuses but instead asked deeper questions to God on what He wanted me to share. I have been hesitant, but I am ready to fully accepted His call.

How am I Responding to the Call?

I don’t have this call 100% figured out. I am not someone who is going to pretend I do. What I do know is that Jesus calls everyone to be a voice for Him. He wants us to impact people’s lives around us, so we can all have eternal life.

That is why I want to use my platform to share what I feel Him calling me to do. I understand I am going to lose followers, but that’s not the point. The point is to share topics that He puts on my heart. I want to show people you can do that will of God and be “normal.” I want to inspire, challenge, and encourage people towards a path to Heaven.

Ready to Join the Community?

Together we can cultivate a community of Christians that live up to their potential, instead of being okay with being mediocre. Let me just say, I am by no means holy. I am far from it in fact. I am just so sick of being mediocre. People strive for being mediocre today, instead of living up to their God-given potential. I don’t want the mindset anymore of “what is the least I can do to make it to Heaven?” I don’t want to care about fitting in. I just want to live a life filled with passion and a purpose.

The goal is sainthood and nothing less! If you have this dream and desire to surround yourself with people who are striving towards Heaven feel free to share this post, join my email list, or follow me on Instagram (@thealexisjean) Together we can get to Heaven and bring those we encounter with us. The first step is to recognize we can’t do it alone.

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