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Proposals & Writing

Through my work as a Public Relations major, I was given the opportunity to strategize proposals for local businesses. Below is some of my work.

I created a business plan for a company I would love to bring to life! This allowed me to dream and formulate a business based on a need I see in the world. Throughout the process, I evaluated finances and business roles and defined the goals, objectives, and mission of the communication business. 


I worked with a client who had a goal to gain more people in their program. Throughout this process I researched, analyzed, used referents and competitors, and came up with a strategy that fits their time, budget, and abilities. Some of these strategies have been implemented at the college and have shown success. 

FALL 2021

This is a scholarship that I am currently a semi-finalist for where I am given a fake scenario and create a paid media strategy with a set budget in place. I completed the first round individually and the second round with an assigned partner. We strategized a media plan together and I designed our final submission above.



Through my internships, I've been able to craft content that lives on their websites. I've written for a variety of industries with diverse topics.

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Skills Developed

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